Alegria footwear started out life as shoe for Nurses and other Medical staff in the United States. Loved by the profession for use during work, Alegria started to produce their shoes in all sorts of funky designs for work life and play.

They will offer you overall comfort and style and have a rocker sole that helps with your posture.

Verona Hickory Chain Gang  99

Verona Pewter Mosaic  99

Verona Viewmaster  99

Classic Bubblish  115

Classic Perennial  115

Dayna Blissful  119

Kleo Blissful  105

Kleo Red Buds  105

Paloma Good China  115

Paloma Hibiscus  115

Paloma in Earthen  115

Paloma Chain Mail  115

Paloma Jazzy Black  115





Seville Cherry Cube  119 



Paloma in Black Leather  115

Dayna in Pewter Florette  119





Debra in Black Leather 119

Alli in Oxblood Bloom  119






Eva in Drifted  140  SALE 97


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