Peter Kaiser, German Shoemakers Since 1838 make high quality, elegant shoes that are a precise fit, using high quality materials and with a fashionable appeal for women.  Helen Midgley selects the material and colour the Peter Kaiser shoes and handbags they stock are made in - giving you a unique selection from which to choose.

Elisabeth in Weiss Lux  109  (45mm heel)

Itha in Multi Floral  109  (35mm heel)

Natalie in Topas Suede  109  (25mm heel)

Tatiana in Sand Suede  119  (45mm heel)

Ghana in Topas Topic  109  (45mm heel)

Itha in Notte Topic  109  (35mm heel)

Liesel in Notte Suede (navy)  109  (25mm heel)

Daria in Multi Mavera  125  (10mm)

Lagos in Ice Suede  99  (25mm)  SALE 69

Jamala in Sand Londra  119  (60mm)

Lisa in Notte Graffiti  109  (25mm)  SALE 76

Lisa in Sand Glove  109  (25mm)  SALE 76

Lizzy in Navy Liz  109  (25mm)

Ithas in Stahl Suede  109  (35mm wedge)


Itha in Weiss Macra  109  (35mm heel)  SALE 76

Ebba in Grey Patent  119  (45mm heel)

Madeline in Black  115  (60mm heel)

Madeline in Navy  115  (60mm heel)

Eileen in Black Lastra  125  (45mm heel)  SALE 87


Elfriede in Navy Suede (45mm heel) 109

Lagos in Navy Suede(25mm heel)  99

Nigela in Navy Suede  (25mm heel)  109

Elfriede in Black Suede (45mm heel) 109

Nigela in Black Suede  (25mm heel)  109

Karima in Beige and Silver  115  (60mm heel)  SALE 79

Osane in Black and Blue (45mm heel)  159  SALE 109

Lysan in Navy  119  (25mm heel)  SALE 83

Katri in White Simba  115  SALE 79

Bonda in Pink and Beige Suede with Silver Leather  149  SALE 74.50


Itha in Black Patent 119  (35mm wedge)  SALE 83


Olen in Grey Leopard and Black Suede  159  (45mm heel) SALE 109






Deren in Sand Latek (patent)  120  (15mm heel)   SALE 84


Alessa in Navy (Notte) Leather with Patent Toe, Heel and Bow  115  (35mm heel)   SALE 80

Alessa in Lana (cream) Crakle (Patent)  125  (35mm heel)  SALE 88

Idora in Cream 120  (10mm heel)  SALE 84


Elmi in Carbon Crakle (dark grey)  119  (45mm heel)   SALE 59.50

Elsie in Navy Liz  119  (45mm heel)   SALE 83

Satyr in Topas Tatra Suede (Pale Grey)  65mm heel  119    SALE 59.50















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